Medical Cosmetic Center

As a Joint Commission International (JCI) accredited medical facility, Beijing United Family Hospital is committed to providing patient-oriented, professional, safe and comprehensive services for aesthetic, cosmetic and plastic surgery under class 100 laminar flow operating room. Our experienced doctors have a wealth of national and international experience, and are trained in the latest advanced cosmetic and plastic surgery techniques. Our supporting Anesthesiology team is comprised of experienced professionals and provides comprehensive care of all patients requiring regional or general anesthesia. The Medical Cosmetic Center provides the full range of medical cosmetic services, strictly following stringent safety protocols and utilizing recognized quality medications and medical supplies.



  • Minimally invasive plastic surgery: Botox for wrinkles and facial contouring; Botox for excessive perspiration in the underarm and palm; dermal fillers for skin shape contouring; laser skin rejuvenation.
  • Eyelid and eyebrow reshaping: Surgery for creation of a double-eyelid and general eyelid reshaping; reduction of eye bags and pouches; reshaping and lifting of the eyebrow areas.
  • Nose reshaping: Rhinoplasty; hooked or humped nose correction; nose ending correction; silicone removal after rhinoplasty; reshaping of nostrils and septum; general correction of nasal deformity.
  • Ear reshaping: Correction of protruding ears; hidden ear reshaping surgery, correction of cupped ear; general surgery for ear deformities.
  • Lip reshaping: Cosmetic lip surgery; lip reduction; double lip repair; lip thinning or thickening; surgery on the upper and lower lip central frenum area that attaches to teeth.

From head to toe

Removal of craniofacial prostheses; head temporal lobe filling; chin augmentation; cheek buccal fat pad removal; skin tumor removal; reshaping of scar defects; osmidrosis surgery to reduce sweat; hair transplantation services; skin and fatty tissue transplantation; and more.

Breast contouring

Breast augmentation; breast lifting (mastopexy); breast implant surgery; implant removal surgery; liposuction; nipple and areola reduction or augmentation; inverted nipple correction.

Postpartum recovery

For individuals who desire recontouring after childbirth, significant weight loss, aging or injury to genital structures, vaginal rejuvenation offers increased self-confidence and comfort.

  • Repair of C-Section incision
  • Scar
  • Genital and Intimate Surgery
  • vaginal rejuvenation
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