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BJU Babies Turn 18

Last Friday night, Beijing United Family Hospital (BJU) celebrated the 18th birthdays of all the children born in our hospital in the year 2000. ..

Masters of Robotic Surgery Seminar: A Look at What We Achieved

On Sunday, May 20, Beijing United Family Hospital (BJU) hosted a day of live robotic surgeries. Three pioneering surgeons from across the globe perfor..

New Shingles Pain Relief Available at BJU

There’s a new approach for treating postherpetic neuralgia (PHN), and it’s now available at Beijing United Family Hospital (BJU). ▼▼▼ ..

Sign Up for the Beijing Marathon at BJU

Running enthusiasts, this one’s for you! If you’re a big runner (and by that we mean if you’re into big runs) then you no doubt know that the Beij..

Art of Medicine – Medical English Training 2017

和睦家医学英语培训时间表上线啦! 快融入这独特的西方医患交流环境中吧! 课程费用:500元 (包括午餐、茶点和课程毕业证书) 报名请注明姓名、专业、单位名称和..

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