Yihua HOU


Interventional Radiologist




Cardiovascular Center Radiology/Imaging




Dr. Hou Yihua graduated from Mudanjiang Hospital (Heilongjiang province) in 1990. After graduation, he worked as a radiologist at the Mudanjiang Cardiovascular Hospital and engaged in clinical interventional medicine. Throughout the early part of his career, he spent a lot of time receiving intensive radiology and catheterization training at Fuwai Hospital (Beijing) and in the Internal Medicine Department of the 2nd Hospital affiliated with Harbin Medical College. In 2007, he completed an intensive training program at Fuwai Hospital in using 64-slice CT scans to diagnose cardiovascular conditions mainly involving the heart and larger blood vessels.

Dr. Hou has a wealth of experience with radiology diagnoses, interventional medicine treatments and clinical consultations. After working in the Radiology and Interventional Medicine departments at Mudanjiang Cardiovascular Hospital for 20 years, he became the Director of the Radiology Department and the Catheterization Lab at Yanda Hospital (Hebei province). Dr. Hou’s clinical specialties are in CT diagnoses and interventional treatments for cardiovascular conditions, catheter examinations of the right atrium and ventricle, CT diagnoses of complex congenital heart diseases, and the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases
surrounding the heart. Of these areas of interest, Dr. Hou has had most experience with cardiac blockages caused by congenital heart disease, catheter-placed stents and interventional treatments of tumors in peripheral blood vessels.

Dr. Hou has received numerous awards and recognition from Helongjiang provincial and Mudanjiang municipal organizations. He has also published many articles.

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