Wenhong SHAO


TCM Physician




Traditional Chinese Medicine




Dr. Shao Wenhong graduated from Beijin University of Chinese Medicine (BUCM) and received her Medical and Master’s degrees in Clinical Medicine. She worked as a resident in the Department of Cardiovascular Internal Medicine of Dongzhimen Hospital between 2002 and 2005, with a specialty in integrative internal medicine combining traditional Chinese and modern biomedical medicine. She worked as an attending physician in the International Medical Department of the China-Japan Friendship Hospital between 2005 and 2010, primarily focusing in internal diseases, gynecological diseases, and cancer treatments utilizing both TCM and western medicine. As a result of several long-term apprenticeships with nationally prestigious TCM doctors, she gained valuable clinical experience.

Dr. Shao is the Director of TCM Department and senior TCM physician at BJU. With 12 years of TCM clinical experience, Dr. Shao focuses on the treatment of chronic diseases, especially gynecological disorders, including menstrual disorders, peripartum TCM care, menopausal syndrome, infertility, and TCM cosmetology. She is skilled in treating high-risk patients of cancers, especially those with a family history, precancerous signs, and unhealthy lifestyles (i.e. an evening person, under excessive stress and/or with irregular diet), using herbal treatment and TCM health preservation methods. She is also versed in the management of various tumors, sub-health conditions, chronic fatigue syndrome, and aging. For pediatric patients, Dr. Shao is proven to be a success in accurate diagnosis and minimal treatment of digestive disorders and recurrent respiratory diseases (cold, cough, and asthma).

In addition, she is a member of China Association of Chinese Medicine (CACM) and Beijing Medical Doctor Association (BMDA). She published a number of academic journal articles and presented at international conferences, several of which were rated as Excellent Papers.

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