Zonghui HAN


General Surgeon








Dr. Han is from China. He studied first at the Jinzhou Medical College (Liaoning province) and then completed his medical degree at the Nanjing Railway Medical College. He was also a general surgery fellow at an affiliate hospital of the Chengde Medical College (Hebei province).


Dr. Han did his residency in the Department of Surgery at Yebaishou Hospital (Liaoning province). After completing his medical degree, he became the Director of the Department of Surgery at Yebaishou Hospital. He then became a general surgery fellow at Tongren Hospital (Beijing). He worked for two years as an attending surgeon in the Department of Surgery at Wangjing Hospital (Beijing). Since 2003, Dr. Han has been working in the BJU Surgery Department.


Dr. Han has had more than 20 years of experience working on more than a thousand cases. He has been abroad many times, including to the US, England, and Canada, for numerous academic conferences about surgery, enabling him to do research on state-of-the-art diagnosis and treatment methods for surgical diseases and on new progress in surgery. He is well-versed in outpatient surgery, such as minimally invasive radical surgery on varieties of paronychia, superficial tumor resection, and small burn wound treatment. In addition, he has accumulated extensive experience in the diagnosis and treatment of colon, rectal, and anal diseases, including minimally invasive treatment of fistula, internal hemorrhoids, external hemorrhoids, mixed hemorrhoids, anus nipple hypertrophy, intestinal polyps, and perianal skin tags, as well as repair of the external shape of the anus. Additionally, he is expert at applying the procedure for prolapse and hemorrhoids (PPH) in the treatment of circular prolapsed hemorrhoids. Through circular resection of the rectum mucus membrane and submucosal tissues, he can effectively treat serious prolapsed internal hemorrhoids without affecting the normal physiological function of anal cushions, which greatly reduces the surgery time and postoperative pain.


Dr. Han has published articles on gastrointestinal surgeries in Chinese medical journals.

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