Chen LIU


Interventional Physician、Deputy Chief Physician


United Family New Hope Oncology Center




Dr. Chen Liu graduated from the Department of Clinical Medicine of Peking University Health Science Center, majoring in image-guided minimally invasive interventional diagnosis and treatment technology. After graduation, he worked in the Interventional Therapy Group of the Radiology Department of Peking University Third Hospital. He has been working as an interventional physician in the Beijing Cancer Hospital since August 2015.

Dr. Liu specializes in the image-guided minimally invasive interventional diagnosis and treatment technology for tumors, including microwave/radiofrequency ablation, needle biopsy, radioactive particle implantation, PVP, cancer pain interventional therapy, etc., especially needle biopsy of challenging parts such as lung micronodules, mediastinal hilar lymph nodes, high cervical spine or skull base tumors, deep abdominal pelvic organs or lymph nodes, etc. He performs more than 2,000 minimally invasive interventional procedures each year.

Dr. Liu is the first Chinese interventional specialist certified as a teacher for rapid on-site evaluation of small biopsy specimens by the American College of Chest Physicians. He has participated in the compilation of consensus and guidelines for interventional diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer. He is also involved in various international and national academic societies. Dr. Liu has published more than 50 papers, with 15 included in SCI, led 2 funded projects, and edited or participated in editing 6 Chinese and English monographs.

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