ZHANG, Sherry




MD, MMed


Dental Clinic




Dr. Sherry Zhang graduated and received her medical master’s degree from Capital Medical University. She worked as an intern in the Beijing Stomatology Hospital affiliated to the University for more than four years and underwent comprehensive theoretical study and training. At this hospital, she became proficient in the diagnosis and treatment of most kinds of oral diseases, both in adults and children.

Dr. Zhang worked in a private dental clinic and an international hospital for many years before joining Beijing United Family Hospital. In recent years, Dr. Zhang has worked more with children and has developed good communication and interaction with children of all ages. She is trusted by both children and parents. Dr. Zhang understands child psychology and behavior, allowing her to provide personalized treatment plans and services for different ages and temperaments, including complete oral rehabilitation treatment under anesthesia.

Dr. Zhang has attended many specialized study training courses, enhancing her specialized skills and allowing her to learn and master new treatments for children.

Dr. Zhang is a member of the Chinese Society of Pediatric Dentistry.

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