Jing XIE


Internal Medicine Physician




Dr. Xie received her Masters degree from Shanxi University in 2012. Dr. Xie completed her master’s degree program at The Military General Hospital of Beijing PLA. Dr. Xie completed her level 1 Standard Training at Peking University People’s Hospital in 2014, and she completed her level 2 Standard Training at the Beijing Haidian section of Peking University Third Hospital, where she rotated through both inpatient and outpatient wards. She developed expertise in managing a wide variety of conditions in internal medical problems and anomalies. She also has a specialty in dealing with infectious diseases. She engaged in advanced studies at Peking Union Medical College Hospital (PUMCH) during 2017.

Before joining United Family Guangqumen Clinic, Dr. Xie served in the Beijing Haidian section of Peking University Third Hospital as an expert in both Infectious Disease and Internal Medicine.
In addition to her clinical work, Dr. Xie has Published medical articles in several prominent magazines.