Yong Cai


Radiation oncologist




United Family New Hope Oncology Center




Dr. Cai Yong received his medical degree from Henan Medical University Clinical Medicine Department in 1986 and received his M.D. from Beijing Medical University (Peking University Health Science Center, PUHSC) Radiological Medicine Department in 1993. From October 2001 to November 2002, He was a visiting scholar in Ontario Institute of Cancer Research (Canada).

Dr. Cai started his career as a Radiation oncologist in the Radiation therapy Department of Peking University Cancer Hospital in 1993 after his graduation and has been working there ever since. Now, he is head of the Teaching and Research Section of the Radiation therapy Department of Peking University Cancer Hospital.

In more than 20 years of clinical work, Dr. Cai Yong has mastered the radiation therapy of various cancers, especially cancers in the digestive tract and got satisfying outcomes with the combination of chemotherapy and radiation therapy. In the preoperative and postoperative treatment and the treatment of recurrence of gastrointestinal tumors, Dr. Cai Yong has accumulated a lot of clinical experience, which plays an important role in improving the survival of patients and reducing local recurrence rate. After years of clinical practice, he has also found a set of effective methods for the treatment of biliary tract cancer and pancreatic cancer as well.

Dr. Cai Yong has published 20 monographs and reviews in the national journals, been responsible for and participated in a number of clinical researches, and participated in the compilation and translation of a number of oncology monographs.

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