Jinfeng LI


Breast Surgeon




United Family New Hope Oncology Center




Doctor Li Jinfeng graduated from Zhangjiakou Medical College in Hebei province in 1982 and received advanced training in the department of surgery in the Beijing Cancer Research Institute in 1987-1988. He was awarded a master’s degree from Beijing Medical University in 1994 and a Doctorate in oncology from Peking University. He was a visiting scholar in the of MD Anderson Cancer Center’s Breast Center and Plastic Surgery Department in 2006. He currently works in the Peking University Cancer Hospital Breast Cancer Prevention and Treatment Center.

Dr. Li has a solid foundation and consummate skills in surgery. In line with the people-oriented concept, he is engaged in improving the life quality of women as much as possible without affecting the therapeutic effect. Dr. Li is skilled at treating breast cancer, conserving the breast, breast shaping, sentinel lymph node biopsy without axillary lymph node dissection and comprehensive treatment of different stages of breast cancer. The scope of Dr. Li’s research interests also covers the minimally invasive surgery of breast lesions (Mammotome), the localized biopsy of untouchable lesions, and endoscopic examination of nipple discharge.

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