Guangying ZHU


Chief Physician of Radiation Oncology




Dr. Zhu graduated from Xuzhou Medical University’s Clinical Medicine Department in 1984. Following his undergraduate studies, Dr. Zhu pursued, and completed, a Master degree in Medical Radiology from Soochow University Medical College; furthermore, he obtained his PhD, in Medical Oncology, from Peking Union Medical University. From 2001, Dr. Zhu has served as an associate physician, chief physician, associate professor, professor, PhD tutor, and finally as the director of the Department of Radiation Oncology at Beijing University Cancer Hospital. In 2004, Dr. Zhu made an appearance as a guest professor at MD Anderson Cancer Center in the United States.

Dr. Zhu has nearly 30 years of clinical experience in radiation oncology, extensive knowledge in diagnosing and treating cancer, with a particular focus on early lung cancer noninvasive treatment, and treating lung and esophageal cancer.

In addition to his clinical work, Dr. Zhu has published more than 50 articles in prominent medical journals including Radiation Oncology and the Chinese Journal of Radiation Oncology. He also serves as a board member of several famous grants such as National Natural Science Foundation of China and the Foundation of Bureau for Public Health. He received a number of honors and awards from the Beijing Medical Association, Peking University Medical Science Center, and the Chinese Cancer Society. In addition to his academic achievements, Dr. Zhu is member of the Chinese Medical Association, Chinese Society of Clinical Oncology, chairman of the Radiotherapy Branch of the Beijing Anticancer Association, and vice chairman of the Radiotherapy Branch of the Beijing Medical Association.