Penny LI


Senior Midwife


Bachelor degree


The Women’s Healthcare Medical Center




Penny li graduated from  Beijing Medical University Nursing School and received her Bachelor degree in nursing through Continuous Education. She went to KK Women’s  and Children’s Hospital in Singapore for training between 1994 and 1996; during which, she improve her philosophy of nursing as well as her professional background, significantly.

Penny joined Beijing United Family Hospital and Clinics as a midwife in 1997. Prior to joining BJU, she served at Beijing University, the 3rd Teaching Hospital, in the OBGYN department, where she was a preceptor and played a key role in nursing and the rescue of critically ill patients. Penny has tremendous knowledge and experience in antenatal care, delivery guides, postpartum education, breastfeeding, and newborn care.  She has served as BJU’s OB head nurse, where she provided patients, from all over the world, standard-setting services while bridging cultures between the East and West.

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