Our Delivery and Prenatal Care Packages are Being Updated!

To provide even better service for families wishing to give birth in the capital, Beijing United Family Hospital and Clinics will be updating their Delivery and Prenatal Care packages on October 12, 2015. These two new packages offer even more options and services for expecting mothers than ever before:

ob tour

Prenatal Care Package

Delivery Customized Package

All item prices have been adjusted, including Cesarean section. Stay up-to-date with us by visiting our website at or following our official WeChat: 北京和睦家医院. Call our 24hr Service Center at 4008-919191 or 13810508249 for obstetric consultation, appointments, and more information.

We wish you happiness and joy as you prepare to bring your new family member into the world.

Beijing United Family Hospital and Clinics

September 25, 2015

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