The Laboratory Center of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at Beijing United Family Hospital is made up of Pathology Lab, Clinical Lab and Blood Bank. The Laboratory Center is equipped with modern instruments to quickly provide accurate results to our patients. The Clinical Lab and Blood bank provide 24 hours service a day, Pathology Lab offers routine pathology service 5 days a week and frozen section service 7 days a week. All pathology reports are available in both English and Mandarin. The Laboratory Center of Beijing United Family Hospital is one CAP accredited laboratory covering Clinical Lab, Blood Bank and Pathology Lab in China. The CAP Accreditation ensures that test results are more reliable, accurate and comparable to results from other international labs. It also promotes the quality improvement of Laboratory Center continuously. Currently there are 3 international CAP Inspectors in Laboratory Center, who inspected dozens of laboratories of Asia area in the past 5 years.  Furthermore, the Laboratory Center receives specimens from other clinics (such as embassy clinics). If necessary, we can arrange the pickup of specimens from contracted clinics.

The Clinical Lab, established in 1997, passed CAP accreditation in 2007 for the first time. Clinical Lab and Blood Bank perform a full range of tests in Hematology, Immunology, Chemistry, Body fluid, Microbiology, Blood Bank and Molecular analysis. Most test results are available within several hours. In addition, Beijing United Family Hospital works closely with the local Blood Center to organize community blood drives to make sure that we have adequate blood supply. We also keep a rare-blood-type donor list for emergency situations. We can organize special blood drives to collect rare types of blood needed by our patients. This ensures that our patient receive safe medical or surgical treatment.

The Pathology lab, established in 2012,provides a variety of timely and accurate diagnostic services by experienced and board-certified faculty and technical staffs, offers a full range of expert consultation. Furthermore, we provide a cytology service for gynecologic specimens and non-gynecologic specimens (urine, sputum, body fluids, etc). All excisional malignant tumor reports are based on CAP Cancer Protocol. The Pathology Lab offers second opinion reviews for surgical and cytopathology cases. In addition, the Pathology Lab has strong collaboration with abroad centers such as University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) etc for second opinion by telepathology.

Laboratory Services

Our Central Laboratory offers the following services, including routine tests for blood and body fluid samples including:

  • Hematology analysis
  • Immunology analysis
  • Biochemistry analysis
  • Microbiology analysis
  • Toxicology and TDM
  • Tissue pathology (referral)
  • Blood Bank services
  • Transfusion
  • Blood drive

Over 200 types of tests

Our Central Laboratory is equipped to perform over 200 kinds of tests and can provide reports in a very short time.

For more information about lab results, please click here for an online resource.

Samples from other clinics

Our laboratory can test samples from other clinics. In order to get you the results in a short time, the reports can be sent by fax. We can also arrange a driver to pick up the specimen from your clinic if needed.

Blood Bank

Fresh blood is stored in the Blood Bank for urgent requirements. All donor blood that is stored will be re-screened for infectious diseases according to international standards to ensure safety. We also cooperate with the Beijing Red Cross Blood Center to organize blood drives in our community to ensure we have a safe blood supply here in Beijing.

Pathology Laboratory

The Pathology Laboratory at Beijing United Family Hospital and Clinics is a full service anatomic pathology laboratory dedicated to providing patient-centered pathology services. The Laboratory is accredited by Joint Commission International (JCI) and College of American Pathologists.

Established in 2012, the pathology laboratory uses high-quality, international-standard medical equipment to provide a variety of timely and accurate diagnoses. Our experienced, board-certified professionals offer a full range of expert consultation services in Surgical Pathology, Cytopathology, Dermatopathology and Hematopathology, including an ever-expanding panel of immunohistochemical and special stains and a broad array of specialized techniques such as hormone receptors evaluation and tumor marker analysis. Furthermore, we provide advanced Cytopathology services including gynecological (PAP smear for cervical cancer screening) and non-gynecological specimens including fine needle aspiration. We also provide in-house frozen section and our pathologist are available for second opinion on all aspects of Surgical pathology and Cytopathology. Our Laboratory offers telepathology consultation at University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) for a second opinion from pathologists based in the United States.

Our Services

Our Pathology Laboratory offers the following services, including but not limited to:

  • Surgical Pathology
  • PAP smears
  • Cytopathology
  • In-house support for fine needle aspirations
  • Frozen section
  • Ancillary testing
  • Consultation for second opinion
    • International Telepathology Consultation at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)
    • Clear and Accurate Diagnosis within 24 to 48 hours
    • Bilingual diagnostic reports in English and Chinese

Pathology Laboratory: +86 (10) 5927 7000 ext. 7997