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BJU Vaccination FAQ

Helen ZHANG, Chair of Pharmacy, Registered Pharmacist

Does BJU (or any UFH facility) use imported vaccines or Chinese? We use both imported and Chinese produced vaccines. What is the difference between the two? No matter if it is impor..

A Message to New Moms and Families

Extensive evidence shows that breastfeeding provides both short-term and long-term health benefits for infants and their mothers. The World Health Organization (WHO) and the United Nations C..

Gout: A Curable Chronic Disease

Yanping ZHANG, Rheumatologist, ICU Physician

What is Gout? Gout is an ancient chronic disease that has been around since before medieval times and is still prevalent today. Gout is also known as metabolic arthritis, and is caused by..

Keep Your Skin Sun Safe

Renhua NA, Deputy Director of the UFH Center for Clinical Research, Dermatologist

Whether it’s picnicking, golfing, swimming, gardening, or just relaxing on the grass, summer brings with it a host of fun outdoor activities. As you enjoy yourself outside, be safe and don’..

Five Things You Should Know about Your UFH Nurse

Chanell Jan Carcallas-Concepcion, RN PhD Manager, Nursing Education Department Beijing United Family Hospital and Clinics There is more to a United Family Healthcare (UFH) nurse than mee..

Health Advice for Travelers Coming to China

Evelyn FANG, Family Medicine Physician

Whether traveling for business or pleasure, you can be exposed to a variety of health risks in many different environments. A great number of these risks can be minimized by suitable prec..



Liposculpture is a popular and widely used procedure that improves or restores facial and body contouring through minimally invasive surgery. The procedure usually entails removing fat depos..

Uniquely Warm and Caring Service: One Patient at a Time

Hospital operations are a complex undertaking. Equipment must be maintained, quality healthcare must be delivered, facilities must meet patients’ expectations and international standards mu..

Unearthing the Paleo Diet


Paleo is the buzzword in weight loss these days, especially if you find yourself in a CrossFit gym or anywhere near Pinterest. So what exactly is the Paleo diet and, better yet, is it effect..

Coping with Disaster


On March 8, 2014, Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 disappeared from radar screens en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. On board were 239 passengers and crew, 154 of whom were Chinese. When ..