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A Healthy Start to the New School Year

Melissa RODRIGUEZ, Naturopathic Physician

Integrative Medicine Department The end of the summer is fast approaching and a new school year beginning. Your child may be facing many new situations; new teachers, new friends; new opp..

“My Tummy Upset Won’t Go Away!” Could it be Celiac Disease?

Living in China, many of us are familiar with occasional symptoms of diarrhea, gas or abdominal discomfort, which often settle quickly without medical advice or treatment. If, however, yo..

(中文) 胆囊切除后就没有“胆儿”了吗


Sorry, this entry is only available in 中文.

Caring for Your Colon


There have been numerous articles published on the importance of colonoscopies in the early detection of colorectal cancer (CRC). Most recently, The Register-Guard newspaper published an art..

15 Reasons to Get Physically Active

Melissa RODRIGUEZ, Naturopathic Physician

Absolutely, without a doubt, one of the most significant ways to improve our health is by doing regular exercise. We have many studies that demonstrate this. It’s the magic pill that is wit..

Smoothing Your Wrinkles Away


For that “refreshed look”, the use of Botox as a medical injectable is a quick and popular method of eradicating wrinkles. Another common minimally invasive aesthetic treatment is the use ..

Summer Safety Tips

Martin SPRINGER, Emergency Medicine Physician

Get out your shorts, T-shirts and sunscreen because summer is right around the corner.  Summer is everyone’s favorite time of the year. We get to enjoy the summer sunshine and great weathe..

Cough, Runny Nose, and the Common Cold in Children

What causes cough, runny nose, and other symptoms of the common cold? These symptoms are usually caused by viral infection. Lots of viruses can take hold inside your nose, mouth, throat, or..

Alcohol and Mental Health


The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that 5.1% of the global burden of disease and injury is attributable to alcohol.[1] In China, WHO data from 2010 estimates that 9.3% of adult me..

Post-operative Care – Curettage and Biopsy

1. Keep the dressing on for three days. 2. You may shower, as the dressing is waterproof. 3. The dressing may get red, as you may bleed a bit for the first two days after operation. ..