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Yongzhong LI


Chair of Radiology, Chief Radiologist




Radiology/Imaging Lung Cancer Center




Dr. Li received his medical degree from the PekingUniversityHealthScienceCenter. Both his Master degree and Doctorate in Radiology were completed at Capital Medical University (CMU).

Dr. Li began his medical career as a resident in surgery and radiology at XuanwuHospital, affiliated with CMU. He then rose to the position of Attending Physician in the Radiology Department at XuanwuHospital after  postdoctoral training at NorthwesternUniversity in Chicago, in the United States. Dr. Li was also an Associate Professor of Radiology at XuanwuHospital, specializing in cardiovascular MRI and neurological MRI. During his tenure, he also took on additional jobs, including Vice Director of Medical Affairs at XuanwuHospital, Director of MRI Division at XuanwuHospital, and General Secretary of the Beijing Medical Imaging Quality Control and ImprovementCenter for the Beijing Municipal Health Bureau.

Dr. Li joined BeijingUnitedFamilyHospital and Clinics in October 2010. He has received several grants for research on cardiovascular MRI and neurological MRI from the Beijing Municipal Government. In addition, Dr. Li has also published more than 50 papers about radiology and hospital management. He is a member of the AmericanCollege of Radiology.