Ying Feng


Deputy chief Physician




The Women’s Healthcare Medical Center




Dr. Wang received his medical degree from TongJi University in 2000, and was later awarded a medical Masters degree from Capital Medical University, Peking. She had been in Beijing OB&GYN hospital for 17 years. She appointed attending doctor in 2008 and was promoted to deputy chief physician. Dr. Feng master the clinical skill of diagnosis and treatment OB&GYN diseases, especially for high risk pregnancy(gestational hypertension, diabetes, low implantation of placenta and placenta implantation) and ectopic pregnancy (cornual pregnancy, cervical pregnancy and cesarean scar pregnancy). Dr Feng is able to do hysteroscopic and laparoscopic surgery, especially in high risk family planning operation and fallopian tube anastomosis.

Dr. Feng has nearly 20 years of clinical experience. In addition to specializing in the treatment and diagnosis of high risk pregnancy, he also completed a fellowship in Internal OB&GYN at Chelsea and Westminster hospital in London ,UK. In addition to his clinical work, Dr. Wang is published in a medical article in British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology and nearly 10 articles in China famous medical Journals. Dr. Feng participated in the WHO domestic research projects and drug clinical research.

Dr. Feng Ying is a young member of the family planning association of the Chinese Medical Association and the editorial board of the Journal of medical innovation.