Emergency (link to ER page)

The Emergency Department of Beijing United Family Hospital (BJU) is equipped with international-standard facilities and an experienced medical team. Their clinicians have extensive experience in treating patients who suffer from brain injuries, spinal injuries, ischemic cerebrovascular diseases, hemorrhagic cerebral diseases and other neurological emergencies. The Emergency team’s commitment to care ensures a safe, reliable diagnosis and treatment for each patient.

Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

The BJU Intensive Care Unit (ICU) boasts international-standard facilities and an experienced medical team. The neurosurgical intensive care team is led by Dr. Wang Ning and Dr. Chen Wenjin. They have extensive experience in the treatment of brain injuries, spinal injuries, ischemic cerebrovascular diseases, hemorrhagic cerebral diseases, aneurysms, and other critical conditions.

Cath Lab (link to Cardiology Cath Lab page)

The BJU Catheterization Laboratory (Cath Lab) utilizes GE angiography equipment and a neuro-intervention assistant system. We can also provide DSA, stent, and embolism treatments for cerebral and spinal vascular diseases. The neuro-interventional surgical team is headed by Professor Ling Feng who has extensive experience and is an international pioneer of innovative treatment strategies. BJU has a fully-functional hybrid operating room that can provide simultaneous surgical and interventional treatments.

Operating Theaters

The operating theaters at BJU consist of surgical microscopes, a nerve stereotactic navigation system, a neuroendoscopy system, and a hybrid operating room. Patients can enjoy effective treatments and faster recovery times with this combination of laparoscopic neurosurgery, interventional neurosurgery, stereotactic neurosurgery, and neuroendoscopy technology.

Radiology (link to Radiology page)

The Radiology Department utilizes a GE magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machine and a 64-slice CT scanner with associated PACS system to provide comprehensive imaging diagnostic and evaluation services for neurosurgical patients.

Rehabilitation Center (link to Rehab website)

The Beijing United Family Rehabilitation Hospital is headed by renowned rehabilitation specialist Professor Li Yining and a medical team experienced in the field of neurological rehabilitation. By integrating the expertise of rehabilitation and neurosurgery professionals, the hospital offers rehabilitation at the first sign of neurological irregularities, thus helping patients to maximize recovery opportunities and improve their quality of life.