Post-operative Care – Excision

1. Keep your dressing on for three days.
2. You may shower, as the dressing is waterproof.
3. The dressing may become red, as you may bleed a bit for the first two days after the operation.
4. On the third day, you may:
1) Remove the dressing
2) Clean the wound with an alcohol swab
3) Apply a thin layer of antibiotic ointment
4) Cover the wound with a clean dressing
5. Repeat the above procedure in two or three days, two or three times (so that the wound is covered for seven to nine days).
6. Then you may leave the wound area uncovered, but apply the antibiotic ointment three times a day until two days after your stitches are removed. You may shower during this period.
7. Limit stretching the operated-on area for three weeks at least or as long as possible for up to three months.

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