Fengzeng JIAN










Dr. Jian Fengzheg completed his medical degree at Shandong Medical University in 1990. He worked in the Department of Neurosurgery at Beijing Hospital from 1990 to 1997 as a resident and attending doctor, and later got his master’s degree in 1995. He received Neurosurgery training at the Sapienza University of Rome under the direction of Professor GP Cantore, Vice President of the World Federation of Neurological Surgery. He received his specialist’s diploma in Neurosurgery in 2002 (corresponding to a Chinese doctoral degree in clinical medicine).

Dr. Jian joined Xuanwu Hospital in 2004 and was appointed director of the Department of Spinal Neurosurgery. While there, he was the first to publish content related to the anterior foraminotomy and posterior foraminotomy treatments for cervical spondylosis in China. He was also the first to publish about bilateral decompression to treat lumbar stenosis using unilateral approach. Both techniques are non-union functional surgery. Dr. Jian published his work on treating atlanto-axial dislocations in the journal Neurosurgery, a leading journal of neurosurgery and spine in which he first introduced retraction and reduction techniques

Dr. Jian is now the president of the spine and spinal cord committee of the Chinese Congress of Neurosurgery and executive member of the Asia-Pacific Cervical Spine Society. He is also a committee member the spine and spinal cord division of the Chinese
Association of Neurosurgery.

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