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Dr. Martin Springer is board-certified by the American Board of Emergency Medicine. He received his specialty emergency training from the University of Chicago and his medical degree from the University of Pittsburgh (USA). Prior to that, he completed his bachelor’s degree at Amherst College (USA).

While at the University of Chicago, Dr. Springer was made Chief Resident in Emergency Medicine. He also completed specialty training in Toxicology and Hyperbaric Medicine. Dr. Springer has taught Emergency Medicine in level-one trauma centers in Chicago and California and was an Assistant Professor in Emergency Medicine at the University of California. He is a fellow of both major U.S. Emergency Medicine societies: the American College of Emergency Physicians and the American Academy of Emergency Medicine. Dr. Springer also serves as Volunteer Clinical Assistant Professor at Indiana University.

Dr. Springer also has extensive international experience. He has worked in Nepal as a partner at the internationally renowned clinic and hospital CIWEC, supplying medical care to expatriates. He held positions in Beijing as former Chief Medical Officer and former Department Chair of Emergency Medicine at Beijing United Family Hospital.

Dr. Springer has been involved in disaster preparedness and emergency readiness aid programs in Asia. He has also been a flight physician on two helicopter emergency services. He has a significant interest in wilderness medical care and has been an expedition physician at a number of remote sites. He ran a high-altitude clinic near the base of Mt. Everest and another near Annapurna. He has published numerous papers on topics related to Emergency Medicine; most recently Dr. Springer helped publish a case report in the British Medical Journal about a patient who was cared for in Beijing United Family Hospital’s ER and ICU.


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