Di Yaozong


Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon


Master’s of Orthopedic Surgery






Dr. Di graduated from Tianjin Medical University in 2010 with a Master’s Degree in Orthopedic Surgery. After graduation, he worked at Tianjin Hospital (formerly Tianjin Orthopedic Hospital). In 2008, he was trained in ultrasound screening for developmental hip abnormalities and conducted research on the screening and treatment of developmental hip abnormalities in Tianjin. In 2010, he received a certificate for completing the first AO Pediatric Orthopedics Trauma Course.

Before joining Beijing United Family Hospital and Clinics, Dr. Di worked in Pediatric Orthopedics at Tianjin Hospital and Joint Surgery at Friendship Pinggu Hospital, which is affiliated with Capital Medical University. He received additional experience in Pediatric Orthopedics at Beijing Jishuitan Hospital. He is proficient in the diagnosis and treatment of pediatric and adult orthopedic trauma, congenital malformations, joint surgery, and other related diseases.

Dr. Di has more than 10 years of clinical experience. He has focused on surgical treatment of orthopedic diseases and has also developed a specialty in pediatric orthopedics. In addition to the diagnosis and treatment of common diseases in pediatric orthopedics, Dr. Di is experienced in the conservative treatment of children’s limb fractures, diagnosis and treatment of developmental hip abnormalities in infants and young children, club feet, and trauma in children.

Dr. Di has published many academic articles in well-known medical journals, such as the “Chinese Journal of Orthopedics,” the “Chinese Journal of Pediatric Surgery,” the “Shandong Medical Journal,” and the “Journal of Practical Hand Surgery.”

He speaks English and Mandarin.

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