LU, Jingjing


Chair of Radiology, Chief Physician


MD, Professor in Radiology






Dr. Lu has over 20 years of clinical experience in Radiology. Before joining Beijing United Family Hospital in 2019, Dr. Lu worked at Peking Union Medical College Hospital where she served as a chief radiologist and a professor in the clinical field. She possesses extensive experience in the integration of radiology imaging in clinical diagnoses and medical treatments.

Dr. Lu is board certified by the Chinese Board of Radiology and is a member of the Chinese Society of Radiology, Radiological Society of North America, and European Society of Radiology. She has published many original research articles in leading medical journals, including the European RadiologyMagnetic Resonance Imagingand Chinese Journal of Radiology.

Dr. Lu also acts as a peer reviewer for many professional periodicals and research grants, including the National Natural Sciences Foundation of China. In addition, she is a member of many professional associations, including the Chinese Association of Medical Imaging Technology, China International Exchange and Promotion Association for Medical and Health Care, China Anti-Cancer Association (liver and pancreatic cancers), Chinese Society for Biomaterials, Chinese Medical Doctor Association (Gynecology), and Chinese Research Hospital Association.

Dr. Lu graduated from Peking Union Medical College and received her M. D. degree in 1999. In 2010-2011, she was entitled to the visiting scholar at Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School, under the sponsorship of the China Scholarship Council.

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