Xiaodong QI


Senior Surgeon, Breast Disease Expert


MD, Ph.D., Professor


Surgery Breast Center




Dr. Qi Xiaodong received his medical degree from China Medical University in 1982 and was later awarded a medical master’s degree in 1987 from the same institution. In 1998, he received his doctorate in Tumor Pathology from Kobe University in Japan. Dr. Qi completed his residency in Surgery at Hebei General Hospital in 1984, where he rotated through inpatient and outpatient wards and developed expertise in managing breast conditions requiring surgery. In addition, Dr. Qi has also completed fellowships at Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine, the University of Tokyo, and the National Cancer Center Hospital, all of which are in Japan.

Dr. Qi has over 35 years of clinical experience. Before joining Beijing United Family Hospital, Dr. Qi served as the director of the PLA Army General Hospital’s center for breast surgery. He specializes in early diagnosis and comprehensive and minimally invasive treatment of breast cancer and breast disorders (including: radical mastectomy, cosmetic minimally invasive surgery, breast plastic surgery). He is also an expert in radical mastectomy for breast cancer, modified radical mastectomy, breast conserving surgery, mastitis surgery, and fibroadenoma (including: chemotherapy, endocrine therapy, targeted therapy, biotherapy, gene, interventional treatment radiofrequency ablation, TCM etc.)

In addition to specializing in the treatment and diagnosis of breast conditions, Dr. Qi is also published in prominent medical journals. He was a member of the editorial board of People’s Military Surgeon, and is currently a member of the Chinese Maternal and Child Health Association (CMCHA), the China Medicine Education Association (CMEA), the Beijing Medical Doctor Association (BMDA), and the Beijing Breast Disease Society (BBDS).

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