Lucy GAO


Section Chief of Family Medicine Department, Internal Medicine Physician, Nephrologist




Dr.‭ Lucy ‬Gao received both her Bachelor and Master degrees in Clinical Medicine from‭ ‬Tianjin‭ ‬Medical‭ ‬University. She later completed her Doctorate in Internal Medicine at ‬Peking‭ ‬Union‭ ‬Medical‭ ‬College.‭ Dr. Gao specializes in nephrology and was mentored by one of the most famous Nephrologists in China, Professor Chen Yipu. ‬During her studies, her research focused on the pathogenesis of chronic aristolochic acid nephrology.

Dr.‭ ‬Gao is‭ ‬board-certified in Internal Medicine and Nephrology.‭ She completed her residency in ‬the Beijing‭ ‬Regional‭ ‬Military ‬Hospital and worked for eight years as a Nephrologist in‭ the ‬Beijing‭ ‬Regional‭ ‬Military‭ ‬Hospital and ‬Sino-Japanese‭‬ Friendship‭ ‬Hospital.‭ She then served at the Beijing International SOS Clinic‭ and enriched her clinical experience in Family Medicine and Emergency Medicine.‭ Dr. Gao joined the Family Medicine team in Beijing United Family Hospital in January 2013.

Dr. Gao has extensive experience with primary and secondary kidney diseases, acute kidney injury and chronic renal failure. She has special interest in chronic aristolochic acid nephrology and has published several articles both in China and internationally in this field.

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