Xiuzhen LEI


Chief Physician


Traditional Chinese Medicine




Dr. Lei received her medical degree from Peking University Health Science Center in 1978. Dr. Lei serves as the chief physician and master degree instructor at the China Academy of Chinese Medicine Sciences. She is also a TCM instructor for foreign students.

Dr. Lei has worked in international clinics for many years where she has successfully treated patients from more than 40 countries and regions. Dr. Lei is highly skilled in the treatment of many diseases including hypertension, hyperlipidemia, cerebral infarction, encephala atrophy, trigeminal neuralgia, facial paralysis, migraine, anxiety, depression, insomnia, coronary disease, myocarditis, diabetes mellitus, gastrointestinal diseases, sinusitis, anemia, rhinitis, rheumatism, irregular menstruation, ovarian cyst, melasma, psoriasis, hysteromyoma, infertility, adnexitis, menopausal syndrome, acne, eczema, and urticaria.

Her research includes post-stroke clinical studies and the clinical study of acute cerebral thrombosis as well as the clinical study of infertility. In addition to her clinical work, Dr. Lei has published medical articles in several prominent magazines and edited four books, one of which won the Chinese Association of Chinese Medicine academic writing prize in 2004. Dr. Lei was also included as a young expert in Chinese medicine in the 1999 China Talent Pool.

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